Why ActRx?   

The ActRx story begins about ending MALARIA infection...

The international medical community commonly knows that Artemisinin-derivative products will treat Malaria in most, but not all, cases and has done so for decades, if not centuries. However, growing human resistance from continued use of oral artemisinin monotherapy has forced the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) to mandate that only an Artemisinin Combination Therapy or 'ACT' (Artemisinin products used with a "partner drug") be used to help slow down the growing global resistance.

For years that choice has typically been an Artemisinin Combination with, for example, some form of Quinine product… which is generally known to be potentially toxic or even dangerous for humans.

The ActRx medical team has spent years of research, development and study to find a practical, readily available, safe combination formula that provides an effective solution, that can easily be distributed to the many millions in need around the world. The choice of a new combination of proven ingredients to create a new treatment formulation, based on extensive research and data from around the globe, was a major step.

Why ActRx, the new combination therapy?

In an attempt to further clarify the question which keeps coming up…”Why ActRx?”, we offer the following cursory, plain language discussion describing the incredible, life-saving medicinal value of the herbal-based combination, as it applies to the ActRx TriAct® and ActRx TriAct Plus® Treatment combination formulas.

Certain plants are used medicinally in virtually all traditional medical systems, and have a history of usage in Chinese medicine dating back at least 2-3,000 years. A specific herbal-based ingredient used in the ActRx TriAct® combination Treatment(s) has demonstrated significant anti-microbial activity against bacteria, fungi, protozoans, viruses, helminthes and chlamydia.

This proven ingredient is generally considered to be non-toxic by the medical community, at doses typically used in clinical situations. In medical terms, it shows no genotoxic activity; is unable to induce significant cytotoxic, mutagenic or recombinogenic effects; and it is not a potent mutagenic agent in dividing cells. Historically, the therapeutic dose for conditions responsive to oral supplementation is typically 200mg, two to four times daily.

Such plants and roots containing this unique ingredient have been used in traditional and folk medicine around the world for centuries. Many of these uses have centered around conditions caused by various micro-organisms, including bacteria and parasites. Current scientific research has not only validated these historic applications, but also provided valuable insight into the mechanisms by which this ingredient in alkaloid form acts on organisms and tissues. Because of its wide variety of pharmacologic actions, it is highly likely that future research will identify other clinical conditions which are responsive to supplementation.

Further to the point of “Why ActRx?”…  In view of extensive case studies and trials of hundreds of doses of ActRx TriAct® in the Philippines alone, the results have spoken for themselves with great success as a well performing A.C.T. (Artemisinin Combination Therapy).


It should also be noted that Artemisinin-derivative products used alone are generally adept at fighting Malaria. However, global resistance to continuous mono-therapy is highly counter-productive in long-term usage, and it has also been found that all of the malarial parasites or remnants of the infection in the body may not have been eradicated from such mono-therapy alone...Otherwise, how could Malaria ever recur in patients that were not later re-infected by a carrier mosquito?

Stopping Recurrence?

The most logical, reasonable conclusion to be drawn, is that Artemisinin-based products may in fact kill the parasites in the blood-stream, but in the "gut" (digestive tract, etc.), the remnants or other components of the infection may lodge and lay dormant for days/months/years (i.e. hypnozites in the liver), only to re-ignite Malaria at a later, random time. On this basis, our research has found that the newly formulated ActRx TriAct Plus® combination therapy formulation is highly anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-parasitic.

These powerful properties work in combination to help destroy the Malaria infection in the bloodstream as well as the "gut". Therefore, using the ActRx proprietary formulation of proven ingredients has shown extensive results as a winning combination therapy to destroy the parasitic infection throughout the body.

In addition, some forms of Malaria may cause the liver to retain the potential to re-ignite Malaria at a later date, potentially even years later (e.g. P.vivax or P.ovale Malaria). As a result, research and studies have shown that incorporating a proven and  widely-used component to the Malaria Treatment formulation, used in certain case-types, eliminates the opportunity that any remaining remnants (i.e. gametocytes) in the liver can later reactivate the original Malaria infection. The unique, patent pending ActRx TriAct Plus® proprietary formulation for Malaria has demonstrated highly successful results that Saves Lives... by safely and effectively treating Malaria and preventing recurrence from a prior infection.

Preventing Mortality...

There is, however, yet another serious issue regarding a Malaria infection… that of the more deadly form called Cerebral Malaria. Clear, conclusive evidence has shown worldwide that the most viable, critical care treatment to stop Cerebral Malaria is another Artemisinin-based derivative. Historically, this drug has been administered only as an intra-muscular injectable, and can be given to children, coma patients and anyone with such critical Malaria symptoms. This injectable is also useful in patients that cannot swallow pills. However, injection-type drugs are highly impractical for widespread international use for countless reasons. Needles used for global drug administration and distribution to millions in the developing world is highly risky and just not a practical solution.

Therefore, a few key questions remain...​

Considering that this more dangerous type of Malaria infection moves so swiftly, and is typically deadly in most cases without quick, aggressive treatment (in days not weeks), it gives one pause to think that upon showing any signs of Malaria at all, one would want to take urgent action for care, regardless. The greatest concern is, that due to the notable lack of access to medical care in the most infected regions, by the time a formal diagnosis of Malaria “type” could be made, irreversible and/or mortal harm could occur to a patient infected with Cerebral Malaria.

The issue of "which Malaria type does a patient have?" is one of timing and diagnosis. Death can come within days of infection, if it happens to be Cerebral Malaria, yet it's difficult to specifically determine (without a hospital, lab and professional care at-hand) whether a patient has Cerebral Malaria or a less severe form of uncomplicated Malaria. It would therefore be prudent to quickly seek medical attention and treatment with regard to artemisin-based combination therapy, once any symptoms of Malaria occur.

According to the World Health Organization: "Since April 2001, WHO has recommended the use of artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACT's) in countries where Plasmodium falciparum Malaria is resistant to currently available drugs such as chloroquine, sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine and amodiaquine. ACT's ensure the highest cure rates and have the potential to reduce the spread of drug resistance." (Click here for more info. from WHO)

  • "What do I add to Artemisinin-derivatives that will kill the Malaria parasites not only in the blood-stream, but in the "gut" as well? And, what about the issue of stopping potential Recurrence?

  • "Since, for practical reasons mainly, you cannot typically diagnose Cerebral Malaria in a timely fashion, at least not before severe harm is done to a patient… How would you administer the only known safe and effective drug to stop Cerebral Malaria to all Malaria-infected patients, especially when delivery by injection (needles) is not a practical or safe solution for worldwide use and distribution?"

  • "What Combination Therapy complies with WHO mandates, halts Malaria progression and disease, yet does not utilize widely used, Quinine-based ACT products that are known and proven to have negative effects in humans?"

A Practical Answer, The Next Step... No Needles!

The answer is to use the new ActRx TriAct® for Dengue or ActRx TriAct Plus® for Malaria, A.C.T. (Artemisinin Combination Therapy) formulations that treat the diseases and eliminate the injection requirement altogether. These ActRx treatments are truly breakthrough innovations, since they rely on tried and true, proven results, as well as advanced medical delivery technology to create a Totally Oral Delivery System that addresses both the simplicity of medical treatment and delivery logistics issues. The elimination of any requirement for needles to administer the ActRx combination treatments makes for a highly effective solution for safe, rapid delivery and easy administration around the globe, especially where there may be limited access to highly skilled medical practitioners, hospitals and clinical facilities.

Using ActRx proprietary Sublingual Spray addresses the potential issue of Cerebral Malaria (and benefits patients that cannot swallow tablets at all, e.g. Coma), and enters the body to very rapidly to help combat a parasitic or viral infection. Following up the initial dose with the prescribed course of tablets (as directed by medical professionals, with the exception of a coma patient) ensures that infection is cleared from the blood-stream and the digestive system ("the gut"). Taking the ActRx TriAct Plus® Treatment for the recommended course also helps to ensure that no infection remnants remain, with regard to potential recurrence of Malaria.

In the case of Dengue, the anti-viral healing results of the ActRx TriAct® Clinical Trials clearly demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the Treatment, as the virus is quickly stopped in its tracks, so that recovery can begin.

ActRx TriAct® for Dengue, plus an added component to eliminate potential recurrence, as in the case of ActRx TriAct Plus® for Malaria, address the broadest range of issues as safe solutions to eliminate the diseases, while the ingredients, used as directed, have shown no signs of previously unknown or undocumented adverse reaction, in combination or otherwise. Therefore, ActRx treatments are by far the most advanced and aggressive ACT "combination therapy" solution to treat the entire range of Dengue types, and potentially all known forms of Malaria, in accordance with WHO guidelines surrounding ACTs.

Clinical Trials & Dengue...

Advanced medical studies and Clinical Trials, through our affiliation with the ActRx Foundation, Inc., a US-based, charitable nonprofit organization, and its international strategic partners, directors, advisors and medical collaborators, continue to yield valuable research and further provide clear evidence that ActRx TriAct®, ActRx TriAct Plus® and future combination treatments, administered in varying therapeutic dosages, can save millions of lives.

Ongoing medical research and recent Clinical Trials using the ActRx TriAct® and ActRx TriAct Plus® treatments continue to demonstrate not only strong anti-parasitic capabilities, but powerful anti-viral action by this patent pending, proprietary combination. The latest Clinical Trial results have presented ActRx TriAct® as a safe and effective treatment in the rapid healing of the affects of Dengue, and may further prove to provide a safe and effective treatment for Malaria, as well as many other devastating infectious diseases such as Zika.

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