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Testimonials & Life Saving Stories

ActRx Operating Group, Ltd. has had the heart-felt privilege of saving many precious lives and ending the suffering of many sick adults and children through its international Clinical Trials sponsored by The ActRx Foundation. Clinical Trials and Professional Studies continue in collaboration with our strategic distribution partner, Preferred and Proven Therapies, Inc. of the Philippines.

Here is just sampling of the stories that were available for release...

PRESS: For Immediate Release – September 30, 2014


The life of five year old Samantha S. has been saved from Dengue hemorrhagic fever, a serious disease that killed over 500 people last year in the Philippines alone, most of them children. The precocious young girl had been admitted to the hospital after two days of high fever. Diagnostic tests showed her platelets had already dropped to 60,000 and she was then admitted to the Garcia Medical Center where further tests diagnosed her with Dengue, where she was put on IV fluids and Paracetamol for the intense stomach pain and headaches.


She then developed pneumonia, and started nose bleeding and evidenced blood in her stool. With her condition worsening in her third day in the hospital and platelet count reduced to18,000, Samantha was getting weaker and weaker, her family decided to try the new treatment named ActRx TriAct® and the results were both dramatic and immediate. Within 15 minutes of administering the first portion of the treatment, a sublingual spray, Little Samantha asked for food.

During the second day of treatment and the administering of Berberine and Artesunate tablets, her platelet levels increased and she became very active. There were no adverse side effects and no problems related to the treatment interfering with the antibiotics, which had been administered for pneumonia, and she was released from the hospital the following day healthy and happy. Her family stating that they believed that the groundbreaking ActRx TriAct® treatment had saved Samantha’s life.

“Seeing the smiling face of this precious little girl just recharges me toward making ActRx TriAct® available worldwide so we can save hundreds of thousands of other lives immediately,” stated Robert Steele, the ActRx Foundation Advisory Board Chairman. “Now after three years of intense research and testing, the ongoing support of the Philippine Government, and the work of our incredible Philippine Medical Team, we have proven that we have a treatment for Dengue and perhaps far more diseases that plague this world.”

As I have often stated, we are in the business of saving lives,” continued Robert Steele, “and we continue to believe that no one should die from diseases like Dengue and Malaria. We have discovered the perfect combination of natural substances provided us by the Good Lord, and have now been blessed with a treatment that will save millions.”

“To Save a Life” has been the mission of this treatment’s founding company, ActRx Operational Group, Ltd. (AOG), a medical research/production company whose mission has been the study of tropical vector-borne diseases.

The ActRx TriAct® is a two-day regimen that consists of a single use of an Artemether Sublingual Spray in combination with doses of Artesunate and Berberine tablets. This treatment was successfully tested with one hundred percent (100%) of enrolled Dengue patients from the San Lazaro Hospital for Infectious Diseases showing a drastic improvement within 24 to 48 hours. Moreover, there were no safety issues or adverse side effects.


The Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) assessed the results obtained in the field. Then, upon careful evaluation, Jaime C. Montoya, MD, MSc, CESO III finally concluded that “… a review of the (ActRx TriAct®) protocol shows that it is scientifically valid and sound, to be carried out in Hospitals”.

“It has proven to be another excellent example of the Administration's program of a Public/Private Partnership working for the good of the Filipino people,” stated Former Senator, and now Climate Change Commissioner, Heherson “Sonny” Alvarez. “And after so much hard work, accomplished here in the Philippines, the companies providing this incredible cure will have an immense positive effect on the world.”


To accomplish the task of this undertaking, Preferred & Proven Therapies, Inc. (PPT), a humanitarian medical company located in Clark, Pampanga collaborated with The ActRx Foundation, Inc, an international Foundation based in the United States, and ActRx Operational Group, Ltd. (AOG), a medical research/production company whose mission has been the study of tropical vector-borne diseases like Malaria and Dengue. After a comprehensive examination of alternative medications and innovative delivery systems, the field research team, led by a well respected group of Filipino doctors finally arrived at a breakthrough.

For additional information about ActRx TriAct®, you may visit the ActRx Operational Group, Ltd. website at

PRESS: For Immediate Release – September 30, 2014


Twelve year old Mark P. had been confined at Angeles Medical Center in Angeles City due to high fever, intense body pain, headaches and severe nose bleeding. He was diagnosed with Dengue hemorrhagic fever with his physician putting the boy on IV fluids and Paracetamol but the symptoms continued and his 62,000 platelet count continually dropped to a low of 38,000 and his nose continued to bleed.

Fearing for his life, since they had heard of the many deaths from Dengue, the family chose to have the new ActRx TriAct® treatment administered to their son. Within an hour of spraying the first portion of the treatment, a sublingual spray, young Mark regained his appetite.

Then that afternoon, he informed his parents that the body pain and headache had lessened and the nose bleed had stopped, never to return. Within 48 hours of the full treatment, which included the administering of Berberine and Artesunate tablets, all the Dengue symptoms were gone. Mark’s platelet count normalized within 72 hours, with his parents amazed at his rapid recovery… only after the ActRx TriAct® treatment.

There were no adverse side effects and Mark quickly returned to being an energetic young boy, with his family agreeing that they believed the natural and innovative ActRx TriAct® treatment had  saved Mark’s life.

“There is truly nothing more rewarding or joyous than to see the face of smiling, happy child,” stated Robert Steele, the ActRx Foundation Advisory Board Chairman. “And we are dedicated to making sure these precious treasures are cured from Dengue and Malaria, and so many other diseases. We believe that ActRx TriAct® can make that happen for the millions worldwide who will be affected by these diseases. And that is why we are working so hard to make it available worldwide as quickly as possible.” 

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