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Preferred and Proven Therapies, Inc. (known as 'PPT') is a local Philippine owned and operated organization. This humanitarian company is dedicated to the mission of Saving Lives, working in a collaborative alliance with the US-based ActRx Foundation, Inc., and as an exclusive distribution partner to ActRx Operational Group, Ltd., the pharmaceutical developer and manufacturer of ActRx TriAct®.

Located in the Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines, PPT is lead by a dedicated and passionate group of highly skilled professionals that work in concert with ActRx Operational Group, Ltd. management and its medical teams to ensure that all aspects of research, government relations, product development, production and distribution adhere to the highest quality and standards that medical science and technology can offer.

Following the protocols and regulations of the highly respected Philippine Department of Health, and in accordance with the guidelines and standards set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO), PPT's long-term focus is on the approval and further distribution of ActRx TriAct® and future ActRx treatments to its high-demand, licensed markets. As ActRx Operational Group, Ltd. commences and scales up production of their life-saving medicines, PPT will play an integral role in the expanded distribution from its Philippine headquarters.

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