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Clinical Trials

ActRx Operational Group, Ltd., in collaboration with The ActRx Foundation, a US nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization as Sponsor, has successfully completed Clinical Trials relating to Degnue and continues with further research, study and Clinical Trials concerning Dengue and Malaria.

The Clinical Trials study and document ActRx TriAct® Treatments using protocols developed and approved by an institutional Ethics Board consisting of world-renowned, Infectious Disease physician-specialists and researchers, under the regulation of the Government of the Philippines, Department of Health in a public-private partnership with ActRx Foundation, Inc. This treatment is undergoing clinical trials and expanded studies to further establish credible, standards-based data in a wide range of Dengue case types and demographics with respect to safety and efficacy.

Investigations include, but are not limited to:

(a) The Impact of the Use of ActRx TriAct® in Addition to the Standards of Care in the Management of Dengue: A Randomized Open-Labelled Clinical Trial

(b) A Clinical Trial Demonstrating the Efficacy and Safety of ActRx TriAct Plus® in Malaria Patients Treated in Several Facilities in the Philippines

(c) Expansive National Application Program Utilizing ActRx TriAct® (ENAPUActRx) - The Efficacy and Safety of ActRx TriAct® in the Treatment of Dengue Patients - A Multi-Center, Prospective Cohort Study

NOTE: Investigation results and data may be made available upon request. Some information may be deemed confidential and/or proprietary, and therefore is not authorized for distribution. In some cases, specific information requests may require a signed ActRx Operational Group, Ltd. Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Non-Compete Agreement ('NDA') and/or Board Approval prior to release, per Company policy.

The World Health Organization (WHO), US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), US National Institutes of Health (NIH), multiple Ministries of Health worldwide, the Mayo Clinic, and other prominent health leaders consistently cite that there is no specific medicine available for the treatment of Dengue. Introducing ActRx TriAct® through standards-based Clinical Trials, performed with the collaboration and cooperation of several well recognized healthcare leaders that have history and background with the WHO in developing Dengue Treatment Standards, offers a formidable answer for the life-saving medical care of hundreds of millions of patients suffering with Dengue around the globe.

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