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About ActRx TriAct

ActRx TriAct® is a new breakthrough treatment for Dengue, developed by ActRx Operational Group, Ltd., using an herbal-based, patent pending proprietary forumlation.

ActRx TriAct® is a unique combination therapy which treats the Dengue infection in a 2-day treatment. The Treatment stops the viral replication, eliminates symptoms, addresses the disease before it becomes more severe and prevents death.

The Treatment consists of a one-time use bottle of ActRx proprietary Sublingual Spray (a patent pending ActRx medical delivery technology), in combination with specific dosages of tablets in blister packs. The ActRx TriAct® Treatment provides patients with a complete dosing package, where each set of tablets and an individual sublingual spray bottle is solely for one course of treatment, by one patient. This unique sublingual spray delivery also eliminates the potential for over-dosing, as the spray bottle is only used and emptied one time, and after use the spray bottle is discarded and is not functional for reuse.

The new treatment greatly reduces risk and makes for a highly accessible, unrivaled solution that does NOT require an injection to administer. The ActRx TriAct® Sublingual Spray (used under the tongue), unique to ActRx TriAct®, offers a practical option for safe, easy-to-administer, rapid oral drug delivery to anyone, anywhere without the need for medical resources that are typically required for safe use of injectable medicines. 

The ActRx TriAct® oral combination of Sublingual Spray and tablets is a delivery system that helps to prevent the potential spread of other infectious diseases such as HIV/Aids, by avoiding the issue of distribution, use and re-use of needles. This is especially relevant in developing countries where risk of infection and/or contagion may be very high, in that there is a lack of readily available medical professionals, health facilities, water and sanitation.

Clinical Trials sponsored by ActRx Foundation, Inc., regarding safety and efficacy, have demonstrated the ActRx TriAct® impact on Dengue as offering to substantially advance the current Standard of Care, without adverse reactions, and without the need for injections for administration.

*Findings from a recent Report concerning the Clinical Trials on Dengue show the following key results with ActRx TriAct® as compared to the current Standard of Care, in addition to numerous other very positive benefits:

1.  Faster elimination of viral antigen in the serum, which is the culprit in the further progression of the disease into a severe form,         like plasma leakage and severe bleeding;

 2.  Rapid resolution of the clinical signs and symptoms of Dengue; and

 3.  Faster normalization of the laboratory parameters such as white blood cells (WBC) and absolute platelet count.

“…ActRx TriAct® treatment shortened the disease process, decreased viral antigen (NS1), risk reduction of bleeding, faster normalization of the hematological picture, early resolution of the clinical symptoms and enhancement of the immune system allowing early production of neutralizing antibodies.”  

*For additional information regarding ActRx TriAct® or Clinical Trials please contact ActRx Operational Group, Ltd.

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